#FAQ _Why you should NOT use grub-customizer?

  1. First of all the name is misleading it is not a customizer for the grub setup, it is instead a customized grub!
  2. You do not change grub settings every day, and in 99,999% of cases you change something and never touch it again till something go south with it. And when this happens you have long time forgot about installing grub-customizer and used it to change … boot menu size or something.. And if you start using Grub-Customizer you can not really use grub itself anymore in the same way… So most tutorials will fail… See here endless issues with using it:
  3. most settings can be handled by simply changing a well documented configuration, so with no real need for extreme custom grub bootloader setups… Try searching for default config options to add in /etc/default/grub Read the wiki: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/GRUB or ask here at the forum or at the telegram chat, we will help you in any way possible!

And here is how to remove it:

If you do already use grub-customizer and want to remove it follow this from /etc/grub.d/backup/RESTORE_INSTRUCTIONS to revert changes it has done to your system:

How to restore this backup

  • make sure you have root permissions (gksu nautilus or sudo -s on command line) otherwise you won’t be able to copy the files
  • to fix an unbootable configuration, just copy:
    • ‘/etc/grub.d/backup/boot_grub’ to ‘/boot/grub’
  • to reset the whole configuration (if it cannot be fixed by using grub customizer), also copy these files:
    • ‘/etc/grub.d/backup/etc_grub_d’ to ‘/etc/grub.d’
    • ‘/etc/grub.d/backup/default_grub’ to ‘/etc/default/grub’

So by that means to reset to what it was before using grub-customizer:

sudo cp -a /etc/grub.d/backup/boot_grub /boot/grub
To get system back booting like before …


sudo cp -a /etc/grub.d/backup/etc_grub_d /etc/grub.d
sudo cp /etc/grub.d/backup/default_grub /etc/default/grub
sudo pacman -R grub-customizer

to remove grub-customizer completely.





If someone from Grub Customizer reads this.. please do not get offended its only about helping users to solve issues. But you should consider adding the removal info, and the existence of backup configurations for restoring the Grub bootloader, so that users can find this information.

A problem can also be the package creation with Archlinux itself, it might be possible to restore grub when uninstalling.

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