Since January 31, 2021, I do maintain and develop the i3wm setup used on the EndeavourOS ISO

To be honest … it starts earlier already while still helping on Antergos in Jun 1, 2018:


The main reason is that I do use i3 as the base of my personal Desktop for a very long time already.

From that knowledge I had the idea to set up a basic simple setup with nicely documented config files for users to start tinkering with i3wm. What starts getting into the EndeavourOS ISO is not really that minimal of a setup, more like a Desktop build with i3wm.

As of April 2024 it has 409 stars and 109 forks on GitHub ! And is a widely loved and used variant users take to install EndeavourOS.

We can see 33 contributors https://github.com/endeavouros-team/endeavouros-i3wm-setup/graphs/contributors that’s something making me proud and feeling honored!

Starting as a small idea, it has grown to a useful startup for users searching to try something different.

It would not be what it is today, without all the help, hints, ideas and contributions added by users.

A huge thanks to all of you!

I will use this to share some news about the setup in the future, like now some changes on Rofi:

Rofi Menus now have changeable Color schemes/Themes [13.Mai 2024]

Up from package Version 2.1 https://github.com/endeavouros-team/endeavouros-i3wm-setup/releases/tag/2.1 you can change the colors for all EndeavourOS i3wm Rofi menu apps:

  • dmenu (Desktop App menu)
  • powermenu (logout reboot hibernate menu)
  • powersaving menu (power-profiles-daemon profile switcher)
  • keyhint keybind menu (F1 menu)

Very little change to dunst (notifier) [18. Mai 2024]

# Display indicators for URLs (U) and actions (A).

As of why ? Always looks like this “indicators” are replacements for missing icons or something…