Why do we keep falling for the lie that Bluetooth works?

inspired by: https://www.derstandard.de/story/2000145655326/warum-fallen-wir-immer-wieder-auf-die-luege-rein-dass

only an example indeed but so very true in what it says.

Bluetooth is used in many devices enabled by default using power all the time and .. simply does not work constantly or.. i many cases is never used after the first failed attempt to use it.

Another personal example?


i got two of these bulbs with Bluetooth to use them .. only what for? ? the sort i have do not have colors so the only two things i can control is power on and off and set btightness.. but .. to do so i need to:

  1. enable Bluetotoh on my phone
  2. open (and find) the app
  3. enable the device inside the app
  4. Wait for the app to connect to the bulb (takes the most time in this simple process)
  5. slide it on / off
  6. if you want to set brightness .. open the buld button to get the slider

What the Hell in this is simple???

not one single thing.. simple in comparing to this would be to turn the bulb in and out.

Or ..

The solution to this dilemma is to ignore manufacturers lies and avoid Bluetooth whenever possible πŸ˜‰

Use the light switch a simple safe and fast control for your lightbulb.

Another one? Bluetooth audio.

I mean what? they add a Key based security to them but do not let you control the keys.. its simpley adding a key and if you try to use the same device on another OS on the same system it is locked some kind of secure boot for Bluetooth devices..

And this is not the Linux issue.. same counts for Windows and i bet Mac will have it too.

There is a workaround to copy paste the key from a very hidden directory or even need to use a hexeditor to get the key so.. not sometinmg that seems very secure at all, it is mainly only in the way to connect your device in a simple way.

Would be cool if it would ask the user to create a passwordstring that will get used, and saving this in a common way to save passwords in the same way it is done for user accounts and wifi p.e.

I can keep it and reuse it. And it would add real security.

Until then.. I will stay avoiding Bluetooth.
Input devices e.g. never never!!

RF adapters are 1001 times better!

Audio okay is just cheaper than radio (RF).. but in many respects it is better not to use Bluetooth either.. golden plugs or radio (RF).. your ears will notice it πŸ˜‰

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