Everyone now knows how to wash their hands!

Officially it’s called a crisis, but shutting down business on this scale has not been an inevitable necessity, it was decided by politics and permutative imitated. There is certainly a very high infection rate and there are fatalities too, but the “numbers” do not justify the restrictions that stand against our right to freedom. However, the question remains why an economic crisis is provoked? I think it’s all better than war (the usual way to provoke a crisis like this)
If all these restrictions will stay till June we will have a huge financial and psychological crisis.
But yes here in Europe politicians now can say “we have a huge crisis we have to pump money into companies! we now need to make debts!” (before Europe try to save money)

Every crisis is a chance to change stuff in all its meanings. And it is normal business conduct to create a crisis and use it as an advantage.

Medical? yes, we need to take care more than ever before to prevent c-19 from spreading uncontrolled, but we can do this with knowledge and not against better knowing!

In a world where the money is worshiped as a deity, conflicts of interest inevitably lead to disadvantages.
But we are part of this problem!

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